The Walter Difference

The WalterLorenz® Surgical Assist Arm is a bionic, electromechanical arm that enables surgical site optimization. The Walter Arm was created in collaboration with surgeons across multiple disciplines to facilitate improved surgical access, visualization, intervention, and efficiency in the OR. Scroll below to learn about Walter's features and impact for surgeons, surgical staff, patients and hospitals.

  • Ultimate Flexibility

    • Shoulder, elbow and wrist joints mimic the human arm facilitating natural motions
    • 7 degrees of freedom offer maximum flexibility
  • Strength and Stability

    • Steady holding force achieved using bionic engineering
    • Instrument drift is minimized
  • On-Demand Adjustment

    • Rapidly position and adjust instruments with a powered button
    • One-handed operation
    • Secondary lock/unlock button at base of arm for surgical staff
  • Compact and Lightweight

    • Slender profile does not obstruct the operative field
    • Portable and lightweight at only 8 lbs
  • Full Surgeon Control

    • Instrument positioning is controlled by the surgeon’s own hands
    • Dynamic range of retraction providing heavy tissue retraction as well as delicate tissue retraction
  • Seamless Operating Room Integration

    • Self-contained unit with no air supply, gas cylinders, or external cords required
    • 8+ hour battery life and easy overnight charging
    • Sterile-packaged drape and button
    • Attaches to most bedrails with standard clamp and pole
  • Reliable Operation

    • Retains locked/unlocked state in the event of a power outage
    • “Double Tap” button activation prevents spurious unlocking
  • Instrument Adaptability

    • Unique quick-connector facilitates fast instrument swapping
    • General instrument holders adapt to most existing surgical instruments
  • Maximum Versatility

    • Short and long arm lengths available to optimize reach and rigidity
    • Multiple Walter units work seamlessly together to create a bionic OR

Impact of Walter

  • Surgeon

    • Surgeon controls exposure, visualization, and instrumentation
    • Reduce clutter and personnel in the operative field
    • Improve efficiency and overall experience
  • Healthcare Facility

    • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest “bionic operating room” technology
    • Reduce staffing burden at off-hours and on holidays
    • Faster OR turnaround
    • Potential to reduce staff downtime due to ergonomic injuries

    Read about Operating Room Safety.

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  • Operating Room Team

    • Minimizes ergonomic risks of holding instruments and retractors over extended time periods
    • Allows staff to prioritize tasks such as checking equipment, documentation, operating room prep, etc.
    • Provides better opportunities for residents to observe and learn
Walter Lorenz arm in use
Walter Lorenz surgical arm.

Surgery Assisting Technology Enabled Procedural Solutions

Healthcare organizations are challenged to frequently adapt to changing innovation, technology and service to optimize the patient journey and enhance health outcomes and efficiencies. Our Walter-Enabled Procedural Solutions compliment your current procedures – constantly evolving to help improve patient care, reduce costs, and enhance both outcomes and satisfaction.

We appreciate the unique approach a surgeon takes with every patient – every procedure. The WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm is thoughtfully designed to allow a multitude of instruments to be used depending on what the surgeon requires. Procedural solutions were designed in collaboration with a leading group of surgeons from multiple surgical specialties, whose unique insight and expertise was critical in helping ensure Walter’s value across a wide range of surgical disciplines and procedures.

To date, Walter has already provided value across surgical specialties including, Spine, CMF, Cardiothoracic, Plastics, Joint Reconstruction, and more. The list is rapidly expanding as new surgeons and specialties are exposed to Walter. Listed below are a few examples of Walter-Enabled Procedural Solutions.

Cardiothoracic Procedures

The WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm impacts surgical retraction and instrument positioning in cardiothoracic procedures. Procedures include those such as Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve and Minimally Invasive Atrial Valve.

  • The Walter Arm has simple, single-handed instrument positioning – allowing the surgeon to seamlessly work around the thoracic area.
  • Allows maximum access and visualization for Minimally Invasive Mitral Value procedures and other procedures alike.
  • Improves operating room efficiency and surgeons are able to reposition instrumentation easily to gain continuous exposure of the mitral.
  • Ability to connect to various atrial rake and lift instrumentation.
Rib Procedures

The Walter Arm can transform the operating room through its impact on surgical retraction and instrument positioning in rib fracture procedures. Procedures include those such as Posterolateral Thoracotomy (Rib Fracture), Scapular Retraction and Site Exposure Via Thoracotomy.

  • The Walter Arm allows for maximum access and visualization for site access.
  • Potential to improve operating room efficiency by the use of a steady holding force for scapula retraction.
  • Simple, single-handed instrument positioning allowing for surgeons to access the fracture site
  • Connects to instruments such as scapula retractors and Richardson retractors
Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Procedures

The WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm impacts surgical retraction and instrument positioning in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) procedures – reducing fatigue and optimizing site exposure. The Walter Arm acts as a surgeons third arm, complimenting the surgical team’s ability to improve efficiency and productivity in various craniomaxillofacial procedures.  Procedures include those such as Mandible Reconstruction with Fibula Free Flap.

  • The Walter Arm provided maximum access and visualization of the entire surgical site.
  • Direct connect to Army Navy provides steady retraction and easy one-handed positioning of the arm(s).
Other Procedures

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